Sustainability is a foundation for all Salt Creek Apothecary products.  

You will never see a product packaged in plastic or other petroleum products.   Despite the higher cost of sustainable packaging, you will find lip butters packaged in recyclable tins or compostable paperboard tubes.  Herbal extracts and elixirs are packaged in glass bottles, and soap are wrapped in paper. 

We never wildcraft endangered plants and always leave plenty of behind for birds and animals.  We purchase herbs that cannot be locally grown or wildcrafted in large enough quantities.   When purchasing herbs we prioritize those organically grown in the Pacific Northwest even if they cost a little more. 

Only sustainable essential oils will be used in topical aromatherapy serums and soaps. The huge demand for essential oils and the incredible amount of plant material needed to produce the tiniest amount of oil means many of my favorite oils are currently over harvested, endangered and rare. 

No palm-oil is used in the production of Salt Creek Apothecary soap.  

All products are free from petroleum products, preservatives, artificial fragrances, flavors, and colors.  

And lastly, all herbs used in the production of Salt Creek Apothecary products are thanked, composted and returned to the earth, nourishing the next seasons garden.