Wild Fire Cider

Wild Fire Cider

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Based on a traditional cider vinegar recipe widely shared in the herbal community, Wild Fire Cider offers digestive, immune, and respiratory support.  This infused vinegar is made from raw apple cider vinegar, garden grown horseradish, garden grown garlic, garden grown jalapenos, organic onions, organic ginger, organic fresh turmeric, and thyme. Start each day with a spicy kick.

You can take Wild Fire Cider straight from the spoon, or drizzle on steamed veggies, rice or dress your salad.  

4.0 fl oz. 

Note:  Originally coined 'fire cider' by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar whom as freely shared the term and recipe since the 1970's and has published and copyrighted books using the term 'fire cider'.  Sadly, a recent company has trademarked 'Fire Cider' and the name can no longer be used by the herbal community.  #freefirecider #traditionNOTtrademark

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