Wild Chocolate Bitters

Wild Chocolate Bitters

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Wild Chocolate Bitters are a twist on our traditional bitter formula. Chocolate bitters are a bitter yet sweet taste for the season. Take before a meal to aid in digestion (great around the holidays) or use to flavor beverages or cocktails (mix up a chocolate Manhattan) or a dash in your marinade.

We love chocolate bitters straight from the bottle! Raw organic cacao provides a strong earthy backbone to the bitterness of artichoke leaves grown right in the apothecary garden. Artichoke works its magic in digestive health, cholesterol management, and dyspepsia, and liver/gall bladder concerns. Lastly, organic chamomile blossoms round out the flavor and help calm a nervous or stressed stomach. A bit of organic dark maples syrup adds just enough sweetness to make this bitter…sweet.

4.0 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Raw organic cacao, garden grown fresh artichoke leaves, and organic chamomile blossoms infused in organic cane spirits and organic maple syrup.

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