Sitka Valerian Elixir

Sitka Valerian Elixir


Sitka Valerian Elixir - Limited Run

This magical elixir was crafted by infusing the blossoms of Sitka Valerian (Valeriana stichensis) along with organic valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) and organic peppermint.  This elixir is sweetened with local raw honey. 

Valerian is well known as an herb to aid insomnia, particularly when the reason for is nervousness or anxiety.  Valerian calms the mind and relaxes the body.  Valerian relieves pain by relaxing muscle tension.  When the body and mind are relaxed, sleep may come easier*. 

Sitka Valerian grows at high elevations in moist subalpine meadows. The blossoms gathered for this elixir were collected at around 6000 ft elevation above Blewett Pass.  This little flower has the fortitude and hardiness required to grow in a mountain environment.  For this reason, some herbalists believe that the medicinal properties of Sitka Valerian are stronger than that of the garden variety.  

I chose to use the blossoms rather than roots in this elixir because of the sensitive environment and short growing season in subalpine meadows.  Harvesting the blossoms means the delicate plants will continue to thrive and produce more in years to come.  I collected just enough to make a limited run.  Read more in the Journal.

For a more an unsweetened and more concentrated Valerian extract I also offer Valerian & Hops.

Ingredients:  brandy, local raw honey, wild-gathered Sitka Valerian blossoms, organic peppermint, organic Valerian root

4.0 fl. oz

*note: in a small proportion of individuals valerian may have the opposite effect.  If you have never taken valerian, start with a small amount.


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