Mullein & Thyme Herbal Extract

Mullein & Thyme Herbal Extract

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Mullein and thyme infused in non-gmo organic cane spirits combine to create a tasty herbal extract to help support your respiratory system.

Mullein leaf is a tonic for the respiratory system and used to support and restore the mucosal membranes in the respiratory tract. Mullein is deeply nourishing and strengthening to the airways and is specifically helpful in respiratory conditions where there is a dry, irritable cough.

Thyme encourages unrestricted clear air flow and healthy lungs, Thyme calms and soothes lung irritation and supports healthy immune response.

Mullein and Thyme is a wonderful way to soothe and moisten the lungs and respiratory tract when the smoke from summer wildfires is abundant.

Mullein and thyme herbal extract can be taken daily, 30 drops three times per day in water, tea, or undiluted. 

Ingredients: Organic Non-GMO Cane Spirits, Organic Mullein Leaf, Organic Thyme.

Available in 1 fl. oz. and 2 fl. oz. sizes.

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