Hawthorn Heart Elixir

Hawthorn Heart Elixir


Made with hand-picked wild Douglas Hawthorn (Black Hawthorn), paired with rose petals, white peony root, and true cinnamon. A delicious blend for a strong open heart and calm mind.

As we turn inward in both activity and reflection this season, we are reminded to take care of the heart. While hawthorn berry is a common remedy in Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism, we present you with and extra special treat with our own native Douglas Hawthorn (Crataegus douglasii; also known as black hawthorn). Hawthorn has cardioprotective effects and positive cardiac inotropic effects.

Hawthorn’s sweet, mildly sour, and astringent qualities paired with rose petals, peony root, and true cinnamon help quench heart fire and open the heart physically and energetically.

Spring is coming, let the flourishing begin. Start with Heart.

Ingredients: Hand-picked wild Douglas Hawthorn berries, organic rose petals, organic white peony root, organic true cinnamon, extracted in brandy and local honey.

4.0 fl oz

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