Dandelion & Burdock

Dandelion & Burdock

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The robust roasted flavor of the dandelion root blends well with the bitter burdock, with a touch of sweetness from local Wenatchee Valley honey.  The flavor is strong and reminiscent of dark coffee.  

Both roasted dandelion root and burdock root support and cleanse the liver and blood; a daily foundation of spring awakening and detoxification. Additionally both dandelion and burdock root simulate digestion; there is benefit to taking this extract before a meal.   Dandelion and Burdock Extract can be taken daily, add a dropper-ful to your morning coffee, tea, or take straight off the spoon.   If seeking to aid digestion enjoy undiluted 10-15 minutes prior to a meal.  

Sold in 2 oz dropper bottles and 4 oz boston round bottles (no dropper). 

Note:  Dandelion & Burdock is a poplar soft drink in the UK, and can also be found as a fermented beer.  You can make your own Dandelion & Burdock dry soda by adding a spoonful of extract to a few ounces of soda water (if more sweetness is desired add honey or maple syrup).  

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