Blackthorn Throat Spray

Blackthorn Throat Spray


Made from garden grown blackthorn berries (prunus spinosa), organic spilanthes, organic clove, organic licorice root, and organic plantain infused in organic cane alcohol and local honey.

We have paired the astringent plum taste of blackthorn with a hint of clove and licorice to soothe the throat and entice the taste buds. Blackthorn, a spikey cousin to the cherry offers a more astringent bent, perfect for sore and irritated throats. Spilantes (also called buzz buttons for the tingling sensation this herb produces) is used to help numb the throat for those irritating coughs. Plantain and licorice root help soothe, moisten, and heal. A helpful tip: make sure you aim for the back of the throat with this spray. If you hit the spot you’ll be glad you did.

Ingredients: Garden grown blackthorn berries (sloe berries), organic spilanthes, organic licorice root, organic clove, and organic plantain infused in organic cane spirits and local honey.

2.0 fl. oz.

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