Vagus Tonic
Vagus Tonic

Vagus Tonic

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Tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system takes more than just herbs, but this tonic can help with the process.  Our parasympathetic nervous system helps with “rest and digest”.  We use our Vagus Tonic for not only the neuronal recouping, but also for gut problems with a nervous system etiology; like lower esophageal dysfunction, delayed gastric emptying, and other gut disturbances reliant on the neural networks.


We use fumaria as our powerhouse in this blend, then taper it to a tolerable taste with chamomile and ginger, both helping the digestive pathways.


While this might not be the most delicious blend we craft, it has worked wonders in my patients who know.


ingredients: organic fumaria, organic chamomile, organic ginger, infused in neutral spirits and non-gmo glycerin

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