Spirit Daughter Astro Season Guides
Spirit Daughter Astro Season Guides

Spirit Daughter Astro Season Guides

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How are the workbooks offered?

**You will receive the current Sun season and/or Full Moon book

We offer two workbooks for you to use each Sun Season. A Sun Season is a four week period when the Sun is in a specific zodiac sign. You’re probably most familiar with this period, as it determines your personal Sun sign. Each Sun Season holds one New Moon and one Full Moon. The New Moon is always in the same sign the Sun is positioned. For instance, if the Sun is in Aries, then the New Moon will also occur in Aries. The Full Moon always occurs in the opposite sign as the Sun sign. If the Sun is in Aries, the Full Moon occurs in Libra. Opposing signs sit across from each other in the sky and on the zodiac wheel.

How to use the Moon Workbooks

Working with the cosmos can help you align your energy and your life. When we tune into the Moon, the Sun, and the rest of the planets, it makes manifesting the life of our dreams easier. It also gives us a guideline on when to build energy, when to dream, and when to let go of things which no longer serve us. The Moon Workbooks were created to help you understand and harness the energy of the Moon. They guide you through the phases of the Moon and help adjust your vibration to match the cosmos.


*Sun season books are a part of our Astroherbal series.  Sign up here and to learn more.


How does the New Moon Workbook work?

The New Moon Workbook is actually a workbook for the entire Sun Season and the New Moon. It has been evolving over time, and we found at Spirit Daughter that many people were using this workbook throughout the entire Sun Season since that sign is the same as the New Moon. We just redesigned it this past January to make it more clear which parts are for the Sun Season and New Moon versus which parts are solely for the New Moon. There are sections for each week of the Sun Season, as well as tools which align you with that zodiac’s energy. You can begin using this book at the start of each Sun Season, or you can start using it with the New Moon. It is a personal preference. Some people prefer to use this book only on the days on and around the New Moon, which is perfectly fine. For the sections pertaining to just the New Moon, try to complete them within 72hrs of the New Moon exact. This is when the energy is the most potent, and you will feel it to a greater degree in your subtle body. It is recommended that you complete the New Moon workbook before the start of the next Sun Season.

How about the Full Moon Workbook?

The Full Moon Workbook is meant to be used on the days around the Full Moon. Again, try to complete the practices within 72hrs of the Full Moon exact. This workbook goes more in-depth in terms of practices compared to the New Moon Workbook because we simply have more energy and drive on the Full Moon. The Full Moon is a time to do the work needed to manifest the dreams planted on the New Moon. Therefore, the workbook, and the energy of the Full Moon is more intense. This work is often needed and changes with the corresponding Moon sign. For instance, the energy we work with on the Aries Full Moon is very different than the energy we work on with the Virgo Full Moon. Furthermore, the energy changes from year to year which is why each workbook is rewritten for that particular year. It is not recommended that you use last year’s workbook for this year’s Moon.