Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon

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Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Guardian Planet: Mars (traditional), Pluto (modern)

Direction: Northeast

Season: Late Autumn/Early Winter

House: 8th House / Succedent

Lunar Mansions: 17th Mansion, 83th Mansion, + 19th Mansion

Tissue State: damp/stagnation

Physical/Body Effects: enteric nervous system, gut dysfunction with a neurological component

Scorpio Support Herbs: Passionflower, chrysanthemum, saw palmetto, wild yam

Positive Keywords: renewal, sexual prowess, wisdom, magnetism, INTENSE, death and birth

Lesson: Focusing inherent intensity into art, research, and magical mysteries. Celebrating complexity as a gift not a burden or reason to be distrustful.

Scorpio’s motto for this season is “Eat, Prey, Love”.  Devour, indulge, seduce, capture, and prey upon the creative endeavors we’ve been pushing aside for the other boring Earth pragmatic tasks in life.  This time, right now, is screaming for us to break the molds and to dig deep.  What parts of our shadows are seeping out like honey, sticking to every part of our existence?  Why not turn that medium into a comb of personal expression?  Scorpio creativity is not about how useful it will be.  That comes later with sagittarius igniting the truth found within into ation.  Scorpio is about the transmutation of what we reject as ugly, unsightly, and unworthy into the powerful energy of gold.

What herbs help you tap into that creative potential?  Perhaps flower essences of Indian paintbrush and passionflower help to open up stagnation (common with unbalanced scorpio).  Mugwort can bring dreams to the forefront of the imagination.  Oak chips and damiana force us to ground deep into the heart space, asking our core nature to speak.  What practices allow you to settle into the discomfort of the shadows?

ingredients: organic raw cacao, organic damiana, toasted oak chips, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic roasted dandelion root, fresh mugwort leaves, and vanilla bean infused in brandy and raw honey.

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