Salish Sea Soap (Soleseife)

Salish Sea Soap (Soleseife)

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Soleseife (or brine soap) is the German name for soap made with salt water. Brine soap is a fantastic alternative to the standard salt bar. The salt is dissolved into the lye water leaving a smooth-textured, creamy white, extremely hard bar of soap.

This bar is particularly special.  We spent time on the coast of the Salish Sea in the San Juan islands, contemplating the essence of Salt Creek Apothecary.  Our relationship to ourselves and each other, formulate the foundation of that direction. Keely and I have been slaying of swaying with what has been handed to us, but Salt Creek is more than just rolling with the tides.  It's the give and take we experience between the two of us, and how that relates to the products we create.  It's the message we speak through each post, article, and word.  It's the deepening into the oceans each one of us holds within, of emotion, primal energy, and soul intent.  We let go of the desire to control the moon, and instead find peace in its unknown potential. 

May you find this ocean with each wash, in tune with the tides of the moon.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, Salish Sea water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, clary sage essential oil, kaolin clay, pink Himalayan sea salt.


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