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A take on the original PHY609 formula being researched by Stanford University for its immune properties when coupled with traditional chemotherapy, our PHY509 blend consists of local organic jujubes, local organic scutellaria, organic licorice root, and organic white peony.

This tisane is naturally sweet with a hefty dose of licorice and the fun addition of locally grown jujubes.  If you’ve never tried one, pick a half out and give it a chew. It reminds us of freeze dried marshmallows. The skullcap is a favorite of ours for many reasons, as you’ll see it in our Stress Tonic for a similar action of calming the nerves while also adding a cooling nature.

White peony has been used traditionally for immune purposes, normally anchored in female reproductive organs but is surely helpful for the feminine in us all.

As mentioned before, this formula is being researched for various immune aides, and is taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulations.  Not so shocking that our ancestors hold wisdom even for today's day and age.


Ingredients: jujubes, skullcap, licorice root, and white peony root

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