Pain Tonic

Pain Tonic

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A versatile and handy formula to keep around, our Pain Tonic helps with minor bumps and bruise pain to tension headaches.  White willow is our classic COX2 inhibitor herb. Perhaps it is best known for being what aspirin is derived from, white willow is a versatile herb for pain reduction.  A touch of Jamaican dogwood helps to ease nervous tension, without enough to be drowsy. Ginger and lavender help round out this astringent formula. This formula has been used in a snap when our Cramps Tonic isn’t around helping menstrual pains, to tension headaches, to bum knees.  Take 1-2 dropper fulls as needed. This formula is fast acting, as you’ll see results within 15 minutes of initial use.


Ingredients: Organic white willow bark, wildcrafted Jamaican dogwood, organic ginger, and organic lavender infused in neutral spirits and non-gmo vegetable glycerin.

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