Bitter Tonic

Bitter Tonic

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Bitters are a delicious and complex blend of flavorful and pungent herbs all known for their stimulating and nourishing effect on digestion.  The Oregon Grape root was mindfully and respectfully harvested near Peshastin Creek.


Bitter herbs play an important role in healthy digestion by stimulating digestive secretions, improving appetite, alleviating gas, bloating and indigestion.  Bitters not only increase the digestibility of foods but can calm the nervous system so that you are emotionally prepared to eat. Most of us have a dramatic lack of bitterness in our daily diets.  Other bitter aides that can be used to #eatyourherbs is lemon + hot water, apple cider vinegar swigs (try our Fire Cider or Stinging Nettle Cider if you’re interested), and the Brassicaceae family members (Brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc.).


Our Bitter Tonic is the quintessential Pacific Northwest variety by highlighting Oregon Grape root.  Known to be intensely bitter and helps to maintain a healthy liver function and bile production.  Fennel, cardamom, ginger, and dandelion root are added to create a well-rounded digestive bitter, bit of flare, and full digestive support.

Take 10-30 drops directly on the tongue or in a small amount of water (make sure you can still taste the bitter flavor) 10 to 15 minutes before a meal.  Bitters can also be taken after a meal.


ingredients: wildcrafted Oregon grape root, organic fennel, organic cardamom, organic dandelion root, and organic ginger infused in organic cane spirits

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