Moon Cycles (New Moon, Full Moon)
Moon Cycles (New Moon, Full Moon)

Moon Cycles (New Moon, Full Moon)

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Regulate, rejuvenate, and reciprocate. Our Moon Cycles helps gain a greater awareness and grace within our ever-changing menstrual cycles. A wonderful blend of women’s tonics and herbs, our New Moon is meant to be taken the first two weeks of your cycle, followed by our Full Moon for the last two weeks.

Nurturing herbs like red clover, alfalfa and fo-ti are used to support through the natural release at the New Moon (follicular phase).  Dong quai helps to regulate, while fennel helps to circulate. Chaste berry and wild yam help to modulate progesterone in the Full Moon (luteal phase), along with uterine support from white peony, and mood support from blue cohosh, vervain, and rose.


Ingredients: New Moon (2oz): Organic Fo-ti, organic Dong Quai, organic red clover, organic alfalfa, and organic fennel in organic cane spirits (*organic).  Full Moon (2oz): Organic chaste berry, organic white peony root, organic blue cohosh, organic wild yam, organic vervain, organic rose, and organic cane spirits

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