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Love Tisane

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This beautiful tisane has a wonderful aroma which fills your heart; with an aromatic blend of organic rose petals and bud, organic damiana, and organic peppermint, this will surely become your evening time favorite.  

Damiana lifts your spirits and encourages a sense of well-being, which can be essential in mid-winter.  Damiana is tonic for the nervous system helping calm anxiety and lift mild depression.  As a bonus, Damiana has been known through history as an aphrodisiac (for both men and women) and has been reported to enhance fertility, regulate menstruation and ease symptoms of PMS. 

Rose gives this tisane the most amazing flavor and aroma.  Rose fills our hearts with love.  Rose is calming, strengthens the heart, and can helps us clearly see healthy boundaries. 

Peppermint is both calming and stimulating to the nervous system. Peppermint can ease anxiety and tension, yet at the same time makes a great afternoon 'pick-me-up'.  Peppermint increases mental clarity, aiding concentration.

This is a wonderful tisane to share with friends and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  

ingredients: organic rose petals and bud, organic damiana, and organic peppermint

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