Liver Tonic (Root Beer)
Liver Tonic (Root Beer)

Liver Tonic (Root Beer)

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We are so proud to introduce our Liver Tonic to you. Formulated off a traditional Root Beer recipe, this powerful blend of liver herbs packs a punch while delighting the taste buds. Take it straight or add a teaspoon to bubbly water for an extra special healthy treat.

Supporting the liver can help with a multitude of health layers, including skin conditions, hormone regulation, and gut dysfunction.  Rumex (yellow dock) and dandelion are thought traditionally to be “blood purifiers”, normally an attribute given to liver function. Burdock and milk thistle or quintessential liver herbs working in a more potent manner than the aforementioned.  Licorice helps to round out the formula, and chaga is one of our beloved medicinal mushrooms.


Ingredients: (all organic) sarsaparilla, sassafras, rumex, roasted dandelion root, burdock root, milk thistle seed, licorice, birch bark, wildcrafted chaga, Madagascar vanilla bean, extracted in organic cane spirits and honey.

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