Linden Flower Essence

Linden Flower Essence

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Flower essences are water extracts used to address emotional well-being, personal development development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, color therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities.  All of our flower essences are odorless and neutral tasting.  The power is in the energy.


Linden nourishes the internal space to develop our own sacred, private life. In a world rich with social media, sharing the intimate parts of ourselves has become commonplace. To quietly nurture our passions and keep the stars in our own eyes, can be a radical act. It makes no difference what others see; the truth of who you are is yours, to see and hold in your own way.  

In working with Linden, we might remember who we are, where we came from, and how to relax into our roots. 

My own personal experience with Linden has been a softening of the rigidity that was protecting me from imagined judgements. Linden’s energy feels like being swaddled and rocked in a cradle. I have the capacity to unconditionally love myself, the way a mother loves her child.

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