Leo Moon (oil)
Leo Moon (oil)

Leo Moon (oil)

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Our blend for Leo is based off an ancient perfume from the island of cypress and dating back to the roman empire. The Chypre perfume accord family is a blend of amber and musky notes such as oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli, or vetiver, with bergamot and other citrus oils, from there you can expand on it and make a floral chypre, green chypre, citrus chypre, etc. but the base is bergamot and oakmoss.

For Leo we have a basic chypre blend with oakmoss absolute, labdanum absolute, bergamot and lime. I think of this as the core essence of the Chypre family.

When thinking of essential oils that were associated with Leo and the Sun, we kept coming back to the scent of bergamot and other citrus oils. We think the association of citrus oils with the sun, and photosensitivity is interesting; almost as if the citrus is channeling the sun's energy like a magnifying glass. Our bergamot is furocoumarin free, and our lime is steam distilled (not pressed) so both are safe to use on your skin. But the association of magnifying the sun’s energetics still hold.

The labdanum absolute provides a warm, rich, resinous, ambery, incense, and balsamic note. Labdanum absolute is a resin which comes from the Rock Rose which grows in very hot dry, inhospitable locations Labdanum has a long history in ancient perfumes and incense (Egypt, Middle East, Mediterraian).

Oakmoss has an earthy wood scent with hints of musk and amber (our oakmoss if IFRA compliant).

Ingredients: Organic golden jojoba oil, organic cold pressed sunflower oil, rose oil, essential oil blend (bergamot-fcf, distilled lime, oakmoss absolute, labdanum absolute, rosemary, geranium), fractionated coconut oil.


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