Jasmine Blossom Green Tea

Jasmine Blossom Green Tea

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Meet Sifu's Fourth Treasure, our curated line of specialty green tea blends and single origin tea line. 

We pay homage to Sifu, the master who leads us through our unknowns. Whether you are lucky enough to find one in person or perhaps finding your Sifu within, our tea line is meant to pay respect. 

Tea when used in this matter turns into a ceremony. Sit down. Breathe. Let your muscles get heavy and feel the bones lifting with each expansion of the lungs. Watch the delicate petals and leaves unfold as water moves within its creases. Pour yourself a cup of self love and internal reflection. Pay your respects, and enjoy the ritual.

Green tea is best served at water temperatures of 150-180F. Never use boiling water as this can scald the leaves and flavor. Let steep for 2-3 minutes before enjoying. Let sit for longer for a more robust cup. 1tsp per cup of 8oz water. Enjoy 30-40 cups per jar. 

Jasmine Butterfly Pea Green

Our first blend in Sifu's line, this delicate yet bold cup is a wonderful start to Spring mornings and Autumn meditations. Try it iced with a hint of citrus to bring out notes of splendor. 

Ingredients: organic butterfly pea flower, organic jasmine blossoms, organic green tea pearls.


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