Immune Tonic

Immune Tonic

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A powerhouse blend of powdered medicinal mushrooms (turkey tail, reishi, chaga, shiitake, and cordyceps) to support and nourish your immune system. Take a teaspoon a day in food or hot beverage (tip: great added to coffee grounds in the brew cycle). 

This is one of our most loved general support formulas, great for those looking to add a bit more to their healthy lifestyle, and those looking to tonify and nourish.  The medicinal mushrooms at large have an impressive profile of medicinal action, everything from aiding appropriate gut flora to helping regulate immune modulation. Most of the research is currently looking into their beta-glucans as a main constituent of action, but as most herbalist recognize, it’s the whole herb that works synergistically with the body.  We always promote the use of herbalism through functional food items, and this medicinal mushroom blend is precisely that. Add them to your stews, soups, and broths. Take them daily with your brewed morning beverage. Bake them into your breads and pastry crusts. The possibilities are endless in how to prepare them.  

2.0 oz net weight. 


Ingredients: wildcrafted turkey tail mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, wildcrafted chaga mushroom, organic shiitake mushroom, and organic cordyceps mushroom.

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