Hermetic Bee Co. Local Honey
Hermetic Bee Co. Local Honey

Hermetic Bee Co. Local Honey

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"Our work in the World is to support Pollinator Populations, creating Habitat that Native Bees and Honey Bees can Thrive on. Our Apiary is located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State where we Keep with Biodynamic Practices, offering you the very highest of quality Honey.

The Ritual is the Swarm. Now more than ever it is essential to support the Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera.

With Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) drastically declining worldwide populations, it is imperative that we examine the wide range of symptoms and contributing factors, then CHANGE our industrialized way of relating to the Pollinators and our Agricultural system at large.

We offer Pollinator Establishment Services for Organic/Biodynamic Farms and Flower Sanctuaries in the Pacific North West. This climate and keeping in unique and diverse location means we survey the site and build a Bee House, the small shelter that will protect your Bee Hives throughout the Winter. This will serve to keep them safe from pests and Bears.

Contact us for more information about Pollination Services and your custom project.


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