Heart Tonic

Heart Tonic

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A medicinal powder herb blend of devils club, hawthorn, motherwort, and bilberry.  Add to morning smoothies, chug it back in water, or test your hand at fancy lattes.  We use this tonic to support and tune up the cardiovascular system.

Devils club is traditionally used for diabetes and metabolic syndrome, to help manage insulin levels while providing support for the adrenals.  Hawthorn is the quintessential cardiac herb, with ample research in cardiovascular ejection fraction and for vascular support.  Bilberry adds a double dose of anthocyanins, also helpful in vascular and cardiac support (DON'T FORGET TO EAT YOUR BERRIES!).  Motherwort rounds out the blend and provides cardiac support while toning down stress and anxieties.

Let's be clear. Most cardiovascular problems are a diet and lifestyle problem. Tacking on supplements and medications can help the writings on the wall, but it doesn't come close to correcting the root problem.

Nevertheless, band-aids are an important and sometimes necessary part of any good treatment plan. This herbal band-aid helps to strengthen and support our cardiovascular system particularly through vein structure and integrity. This is mostly done (we have researched and come to believe) through anthocyanins, found in abundance in dark berries. This helps anything from high blood pressure to varicose veins. Other heart conditions can benefit too, but of course won't change structural problems (valve defects and prolapse) but can continue to strengthen the walls of infastructure.

We added a bit of devil's club to round out the nature that we commonly see in America. That is, heart disease accompanying diabetes. That would be DMII (type 2), again another lifestyle disease. Devil's club helps to regulate blood sugars throughout the day, and can work to modulate cortisol levels (and other hormones we think).

Hawthorn and bilberry are the main heart herbs here. It is interesting when thinking about TCM/5E theory (Chinese Medicine), which categorizes berries as a water/kidney herb. Although we think of something like high blood pressure as being a heart problem (and we treat it as such in western medicine), the kidneys have a lot to do with the volume of fluid being pumped through your veins. We see this as the classic cardiovascular-diabetes duo progresses on to kidney dysfunction. The question remains who is the chicken and who is the egg.

The other classic presentation of heart disease is the agro, hot headed, burning the candle at both ends, type A, aggressive, and often with a burnt out style of depression, person. The formula still works for these people too, wanting to give them a little sweet strength to settle their edge (with berries and devil's club). They can present with high blood pressure, tension headaches, palpitations, and the like. And can normally be resolved with different types of lifestyle modifications, including stress reduction, shadow work, and formulating healthy boundaries. 


ingredients: organic hawthorn berry, organic bilberry fruit, organic motherwort, wildcrafted devil's club root bark, organic ginger

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