Glycerite Simples

Glycerite Simples

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We are promoting #functionalherbalism with our newest line of glycerite simples. Add them to your tea, stir fry, and on top ice cream. Take them straight for a mid day treat. These tasty herbals are medicinal strength and aimed to bring the love into daily rituals. Start thinking and using herbs not just as medicines, but things to be enjoyed and cherished.

Glycerites are great for the whole family; void of alcohol, these can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Let us know how you use your herbs and your favorite recipes! #EatYourHerbs

Available in:

  • Ginger: the quintessential gut herb, cardiovascular support, and spicy goodness

  • Schissandra: adrenal support, triple burner dysfunction, and stress

  • Rose: opens the heart, cardiovascular support, and astringent

  • Lavender: great for belly aches, headaches, and stress

  • Cacao: grounding, digestive aid, and delicious

  • Damiana: heart space, self care, and stress management

Available in 1oz and 2oz ($14.50 and $24.50 respectively)

Get the set of all 6 in 1oz for $75.00

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