Gemini Moon (Essential Oil)

Gemini Moon (Essential Oil)

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Gemini, Gemini, Gemini. You will rarely be bored (or quiet) around our dear Gemini friends. One of their personal quests in life is to connect with their center. Not your center, their neighbors, or Taylor Swift's, although they do that well too.

Check out our new essential oil blend for just that. Basil Linalool, Lemon (distilled), Red Thyme ct Borneol, Red Thyme ct Thymol.

Basil linalool and lemon improve clear thinking, increasing concentration, focus and metal clarity to the overactive gemini mind. Thyme 'the noble strengthener of the lungs' opens breathing passages filling the lungs with air, the element that rules this sign. For Gemini we blended two Red Thyme chemotypes to bring balance focus, energy and stamina.


Ingredients: Essential oil blend of Basil, Lindalool, Lemon, Red Thyme CT Borneol, Red Thyme CT Thymol

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