Gemini Moon (chest rub)

Gemini Moon (chest rub)

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Welcome the Gemini Spirit with our latest addition to our New Moon Series. Sign up for the full monthly series here.

This lunation cycle in Gemini offers a chance to escape our mental ruts and open our minds and hearts to different ways of thinking, relating and learning. We’re pulled to be curious, to be flexible, to explore and connect, to create a new sense of freedom in our lives and communities. And we’re supported to speak our truth from the heart. How can we use this exciting, connective energy with deep discernment, integrity and clarity to see through old illusions and create the change that needs to happen in our lives?

Use this Gemini Moon chest rub to lighten spirits, direct communication, and find clarity in speech.

Ingredients: castor jelly, organic hemp seed oil, menthol crystals, essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and sage.

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