Focus Tonic
Focus Tonic

Focus Tonic

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Keeping it together with double extracted Lions mane, calamus root, gotu kola, and rosemary.  This blend is great for adults with a scattered brain, the occasional bout of brain fog, pulling late term paper all nighters, and those looking to support their nervous system.

Lion’s mane is getting more notoriety for its nervous system support.  Best when used long term. Calamus root is a wonderful fast acting herb that helps direct and focus attention.  Rooted in marshy wetlands this is a beautiful example of Pacific Northwest herbalism. We pair them with gotu kola and rosemary, researched for enhancing circulation to the brain (presumably through oxygenation).  They also provide the driving force to give this tonic its aim at both short term and long term use.

Take 1-2 dropperfuls as needed, or daily for continued nervous system & brain support.


Ingredients: organic lion’s mane, organic calamus root, organic gotu kola, organic rosemary infused in neutral spirits and non-gmo vegetable glycerin

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