Elecampane Beehive
Elecampane Beehive

Elecampane Beehive

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Elecampane Beehive is a unique and wonderful herbal infused honey.  Elecampane has a deep earthy taste which is paired with a local dark and rich buckwehat/alfalfa honey.  Elecampane is traditionally used for the respiratory system.  Buckwheat honey is dark, thick, and rich in antioxidants.  Elecampane is effective at helping to clear up congestion and bronchial ailments particularly those that are productive.  Together elecampane root and buckwheat honey combine to make a great herbal remedy for sore throats and congested coughs.  You can eat the honey straight from the spoon or mix in herbal tea or water.

Ingredients:  Raw local honey, organic elecampane root.

6.7 fl. oz. 

Note: Elecampane was considered sacred to the ancient Celts associating it with elfin spirits who were said to seek shelter under Elecampane's large leaves.  Elecampane is sometimes called 'elf wort' or 'elf dock'.

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