Ear Aches
Ear Aches

Ear Aches

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For kids and adults, our mullein and garlic ear oil is a classic, tried and true blend for earaches; acute and chronic. Add a couple drops to each ear as needed. For better results warm up the bottle (without the dropper in it) beforehand to lukewarm temperature before use, and always apply to both ears.

Mullein is more commonly referred to as a weed in our neck of the valley, but a useful one at that.  We can still envision the herbal drawing of it now, ingrained into us by our beloved mentors. The root is for kidneys, it’s leaves for the lungs and its flowers for the ears.

Garlic is a well-known antimicrobial herb, studied at nauseum, and another wonderful example of #eatyourherbs which can be brought to an even more comprehensive practice.  The combo together, garlic and mullein, is a well researched and effective topical blend for the common ailment at hand. 

If you are in the know, then you have probably heard of this blend before but maybe not with the use of glycerin, rather it is used with oil.  After multiple pediatric physician opinions and anecdotal information, we decided to use glycerin as a base in order for better visibility of the tympanic membrane (something that was more obstructed with the use of oil).

This blend is a part of our Fern & Fiddle line, appropriate for pregnancy, kiddos, and breastfeeding mamas (along with everyone else in the house).

Ingredients: organic mullein blossoms, organic garlic, infused in non-gmo vegetable glycerin.

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