Cramps Tonic

Cramps Tonic

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The traditional menstrual cramp herb (Viburnum opulus) appropriately named crampbark, has historically been used for monthly discomforts, although there is reason to belief it would help anyone out in the COX2 inhibitor pathways (the same mechanism for ibuprofen and aspirin).  We pair this traditional remedy with black haw, white willow, wild yam, and ginger to round out the ebb and flow. 


Black haw is another Viburnum family member that is specific to the kidneys and water retention.  It is traditionally used as a spasmolytic for the uterus, helpful both in menstrual regulation and post pardum (although this blend is not intended for breastfeeding mamas).


White willow continues its support on the pain relieving front, while wild yam helps to ground the formula with its active constituent of diosgenin, known to be helpful in menstrual irregularities with an estrogen etiology.

ingredients: organic crampbark, organic black haw, organic white willow, organic wild yam and organic ginger infused in neutral spirits and non-gmo glycerin

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