Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

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You don't deserve this sh*tLet's ditch the EMOTIONAL VAMPIREs!

If you've ever wondered why you hold on to TOXIC relationships that aren't good for you or why you make excuses for other's bad behavior, then this guide will help you understand, recognize, and avoid the behavior altogether.

If you want to heal from childhood emotional wounds then keep reading.

You're living your life the only way you know how. Your coping skills may not be the healthiest, but you get by. At some point, what you've always done, won't work and you know it. Now you're ready to confront the issues that have plagued you and fed into your adult relationships.

Recovering from codependency may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Will help you heal your inner child and soothe what has long held you back or forced you into compromising positions within your relationships.

Inside this bundle you can read:

Book 1: Codependency: Recovery Cure Plan to Healing Your Inner Child. No More Breaking Up Relationships. Hypnosis to Dig Up Bad Patterns Used by Your Partner and Exercises to Avoid No More Abuse.

With the simple and effective exercises and information outlined in this book, you will find:

To Recognize the Troublesome Triggers and Behaviors and How to Combat ThemLearn to Keep Healthy RelationshipsHow to Use Hypnosis as Part of Your Healing ProcessUse Mindfulness as Part of Your RecoveryTools You Can Use to Help Others Who Might Be Struggling With Codependency, Like Coworkers, Friends, Students, Parents, and Anyone Else in Your LifeAnd Much More!

Book 2: Narcissistic Abuse: Practical Guide to Recovery from an Emotional Abuse Syndrome, Thrive Your Relationship and Stop Toxic People's Manipulation. Learn How to Disarm Them and Build a Sharp Personality.

You will learn:

The Biggest Obstacles You Will Face to Foster Your Healing and to Find JoyThe Two Most Underrated Recovery TechniquesHow to Protect Yourself From Someone Who Wants to Usurp Total Control of You and Your Life can be dangerousAnd Much More!

This comprehensive guide walks you from A - Z of how codependency works (or doesn't), why it manifests in some people, how to recognize it, and what to do to keep it at bay and lead a happy, healthy life.

Even if you have never read a psychology book you can learn to deal with Codependency and to move on.