Chokecherry Cough Syrup

Chokecherry Cough Syrup

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Made from handpicked wild choke cherries (prunus virginiana), wild cherry bark, organic hyssop, organic anise, and organic ginger, infused in organic cane alcohol and local honey.


Wild cherry bark has long been used for coughs and colds. Wild cherry bark can help relax and open the respiratory pathways. Hyssop cools and moistens and can also help relieve pain from sore throats. Anise and ginger are warming and spicy, reducing inflammation and relieving dry spasmatic coughs.


This cough elixir is magic to relax and soothe a cough while opening respiratory pathways. The astringent chokecherries help bring it all together and give this elixir and wonderful flavor.


Ingredients: Hand-picked local wild chokecherries (prunus virginiana), organic wild cherry bark, wildcrafted Solomon's seal root, organic hyssop, organic anise, and organic ginger, extracted in organic cane spirits and honey.


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