Chill Out Tisane

Chill Out Tisane

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A delicious and calming blend of locally grown organic tulsi tea (holy basil), organic catnip, and organic lavender blossoms to put the racing mind at ease. 

The act of drinking tea itself is part of the stress treatment plan. Sit down, sip up, breathe and rest. 

Catnip is a gentle calming herb in the mint family with subtle notes and flavors worth exploring (it’s not just for cats despite popular belief!). While catnip is exciting to your feline, it will be soothing to you. Tulsi is an adaptogen which helps your body deal with stress and cortisol management and is one of our favorite tea backbones for its gentle yet robust flavors.  Lavender is a quintessential anxiety herb, known well to those in the essential oil world for diffusing next to your bed for relief, it’s internal workings beyond its volatile oils include helping digestion as a mild bitter.

If you need an extra kicker, we recommend our Stress Tonic to make it a daily duo.  Even if you are not a stress monkey, this tea is one of our all time favorites for it’s flavor profile; as it will surely be enjoyable to the common tea connoisseur. 

Ingredients: Organic Catnip, Organic Lavender, Organic Tulsi. 

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