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Our medicinal grade castor oil is bottled and blended with sweet orange, cypress, and rosemary essential oils to increase lymphatic drainage and overall circulation.  The lymphatic system is often ignored and under treated.  It is best thought of as the super highways of elimination for the body.  Castor oil is a wonderful treatment to increase this system’s effectiveness.


Traditionally used as a castor oil “press” or “pack”; smoother this viscous oil all over the desired area (liver is common), cover with an old towel/tee-shirt, and then apply heat for 20-30 minutes minimum.  You can also do this for aching joints to decrease inflammation, over the low abdomen for menstrual cramps, and on the low back for common complaints.


This castor oil is medicinal grade, but we do not recommend internal use unless directed by a physician.


Ingredients: organic castor oil, sweet orange essential oil, cypress essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.


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