Throat Spray

Throat Spray

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We have paired the soft and soothing sage with a hint of clove and licorice to soothe the throat and entice the taste buds. Spilanthes (also called buzz buttons for the tingling sensation this herb produces) is used to help numb the throat for those irritating coughs. Licorice root helps soothe, moisten, and heal. Sage is a warming astringent herb that can help with post nasal drip and other unwanted mucous attributes.  WIldcrafted osha works as a respiratory tonic to help with more chronic lung support. Anise works to warm and help circulate the formula. A helpful tip: make sure you aim for the back of the throat with this spray. If you hit the spot, you’ll be glad you did. Spray as needed, on both sides of the throat box. Our throat spray is also helpful with “singers voice” a condition of overusing the vocal cords.

Ingredients: Garden grown sage, organic licorice root, organic spilanthes blossoms, wildcrafted osha root, organic anise, infused in organic spirits and non-gmo vegetable glycerin. 

2.0 fl. oz.

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