Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil

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Reduce inflammation and add healthy fats all in one. Our cold pressed Black Cumin Oil can help reduce chronic inflammation from immune related conditions, and neurological health, and it’s not too shabby in taste either.  Traditionally it has been used to enhance digestion (which is why we pair it in any gut-immune protocol) and respiratory concerns.  Topically it can be used as an antimicrobial, but we prefer this gem internally.


For best results take consistently.  As with any medicinal, we recommend taking period breaks from regimens to reassess symptom management.  Black Cumin Seed Oil can be taken right off the spoon or used in medicinal cooking.  Don’t forget that #foodismedicine and a perfect example would be to #eatyourherbs by using Black Cumin Seed Oil on salads, rice, and as a garnish to stir fry.  High heat is not recommended.

ingredients: pure cold pressed black cumin seed oil

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