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Backcountry Botanicals Hydrosols

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Utah Juniper, is known as Wild Child around here. Juniper is sassy, spicy, and lovely. It carries an invigorating scent that brings you back to the High Desert Wilderness.
Physical: Has been known to help with eczema & psoriasis. A great anti-inflammatory, treat skin redness. Juniper hydrosol is an amazing deodorant! It is anti-microbial, as are all of our hydrosols.
Wellness: Juniper is also great to breathe during cold & flu season. Spray on a wet cloth and breathe deeply. Or add to a humidifier, diffuser, or stove-top pot.
Emotional: Juniper helps us to release fear, anxiety, and irritation.
Mental: It supports us to allow life to flow and grow, to let go of the need to restrict life force to get what the mind wants.
Spiritual: Life, unrestricted, by the mind, allows creation to spawn from the smallest of seeds, change directions, and grow sporadically & imaginatively. Release what the conditioned mind says, embrace your beauty: imperfect & pure- allow your soul's creation to bloom.
Suggested Use: Traditionally juniper was used to rid spaces of negative energy - spray in rooms, on linens and person to ease heavy & negative energy. Spray on face to hydrate and breathe deeply during especially heady times. Spray on bites, inflammation, cuts, and any on-going skin issues.

Pinon Pine

Open Heart is our best seller and the plant we recommend if you are new to the medicinal properties of native plants.
Physical Uses: Diaper Rashes. Organic & natural remedy for babes.
Cleaning, especially children's toys. It is anti-microbial and can be used as a household cleaner.
It makes a lovely facial toner and pick me up on a hot day.
Wellness: Pines stimulate the immune system. Simply by breathing them. Breath in during the winter months to help aid during the cold & flu season.
Emotional: The spirit of Pinon helps us to recover from and accept our inner anger. It urges us to feel all of the spectrum of emotions that make up our human experience.
Mental: Brightens the mood, ushering in joy & tranquility, releasing frustration & narocies....for a moment.
Spiritual: It's ok to have anger! It's ok to experience grief! It's important to recognize that we aren't anger, we have anger. Accept and feel the full spectrum of emotions - they come with being human. To heal, we must feel. Now was away judgement, let it go....!
Suggested Use: Piñon Pine has a lovely light floral and citrus note, it's an especially great spray for rooms & linens. It's also a lovely facial toner - try replacing your Rose Water for a locally sourced high vibe face refresher. Spray on wounds, use to clean.


Our Sagebrush Hydrosol (not to be confused with White Sage, or culinary Sage) is sustainably harvested from the High Desert of the Colorado Plateau. Mental: Sagebrush is particularly great at helping the mind to settle down, find clarity & peace. A deep breath in......and the constituents combine with your brains chemistry and relaxation takes place.
Spritz around yourself before mediation (or going to sleep), to help your brain to create a connection between the smell of sagebrush and meditation, eventually creating a pattern of quickly getting into deeper states of mind.
Physical: Sagebrush is a great anti-inflammatory. Spray on inflamed skin, cuts, or bruises, muscle aches and pains.
Wellness: Sagebrush is a great bronchial dilator & expectorant. Breath in deeply to aid during colds and flus. Also can be helpful for asthma.
Emotional: Sagebrush helps to release deep grief and sadness.
Spiritual: Family is an ever evolving dynamic of those who share the truth of your heart; those most influential to, and most influenced by, you. Your healing path creates a ripple affect that contributes to those connected to's a gift that resonates beyond self.

Ponderosa Pine

Our Hydrosol is harvested from the Kaibab Plateau around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It's the largest standing grove of Ponde's in the World. Liz believes they are having a very long, important meeting.
Physical: inhale during periods of colds and respiratory ailments (expectorant & decongestant). Hydrosols clean and heal wounds - Ponderosa is especially great at this.
Mentally: Supports you through perceived blocks or life challenges. Use liberally especially during transitions!
Emotionally: Helps to support feelings of solidarity.
Spiritually: Supports connection to collective consciousness and understanding of Oneness.
Suggested Use: Spray on linens and rooms to cleanse and refresh. Use as a lovely facial toner, comparative to a Rose Hydrosol.


Our Mountain Phoenix contains the energy of rebirth. Harvested from the Gros Ventres Mountains outside of Jacksonhole, WY...these beautiful plants with vivacious pink flowers are the first to spring forth after a forest fire decimation.
Physically: Highly Anti-Inflammatory: spray on any sunburns, or any burns in general and watch your skin heal quicker than you knew was possible. Funky fungus feet? Spray it on em'. All hydrosols are anti-microbial but this one is just especially good at getting the funk out of your funky smells.
Mentally: Helps to diminish self-doubt
Emotionally: Supports sense of courage to aid in new births or ventures
Spiritually: You already are and/or have created that next thing. Helps you reconnect to soul and the power of love.
Suggested Use: Mist face for skin hydration & a dose of Fireweed vitamins. Mist on affected area of skin: burns & fungus

All hydrosols are 2oz

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