Astroherbalism Series
Astroherbalism Series

Astroherbalism Series

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Welcome the astrological moons in our New Moon subscription series. Each month you will get our New Moon offerings delivered to your door alongside our take on interpretation through the psyche and seasons. Enjoy medicinals from tinctures, to roll-ons; bath salts to tea blends.

In addition to the herbal offering, you will receive the New Moon & Full Moon workbook from Spirit Daughter to guide you in your journey. 

Stock your medicine cabinet with the power of the moons.

** You can cancel at anytime **

Dive deep into your understanding of herbalism, using the major archetypes to reflect on your interpretations and experiences.  These medicinals are meant to be enjoyed with revere for the wisdom they hold.  Learn about traditional uses, lore, and current beliefs in the rich history of herbal medicine.

Look here for a list of past offerings

Please note: We ship out subscriptions at the start of the season change, which generally is around the 20th of each month.  Your subscription will start with the subsequent astro season (i.e. if you order in Aries season, your subscription will start in the following month for Taurus).