Adrenal Tonic

Adrenal Tonic

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He is our fiercely armored heal-all, the Native Indigenous healers believe.  We were taught not to fall into his trap of hauntingly beautiful spines, his latin name ringing true of their horror.  Perched within the damp forest so familiar to us, he is the gatekeeper of that mindset some of us find ourselves in; the Seattle depression, the winter blues, and it’s continuum to introspection and self reflection. When you feel like you have nothing more to give, your energy depleted, he stands tall.  Can you feel the heaviness of his surroundings? You stumble upon him in the thick fog of the cold Pacific Northwest rainforest, with a glimmer of light in a limited clearing, so reminiscent of ourselves. Are you searching for that glimmer? His red berries hanging like ornaments on this holiday tree, showcasing the danger he’s capable of. Yet he’s not there to harm you.  He’s there to protect you.  Let him carry your burdens. Devil’s club (Oplopanax horridus) is used extensively in spiritual practices; burning, smudging, and bathing, for it’s supposed protective nature. It’s bark and stem are used in teas, decoctions and tinctures as an adrenal adaptogen aimed towards the mesomorphic soul, prone to diabetes, hypertension, and high lipid levels.  The fatigue that comes with this adrenal depletion is one of dark exhaustion. His power is rooted in the ginseng family line. We are proud to highlight him in our Adrenal TONIC, appropriately paired with the Desert Queen (ashwagandha) to his Forest Kingship, tulsi glycerite to add a little pizzazz to the gloom, and ginger to push it through. We hope you enjoy this true adrenal blend.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted devils club, locally grown organic ashwagandha root, and locally grown organic tulsi (holy basil), and ginger infused in organic cane spirits and non-gmo vegetable glycerin.

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