A1 Weasle & Amethyst Cluster

A1 Weasle & Amethyst Cluster

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Know your source.  With the rise in popularity of crystals, gems, and the like, we at Salt Creek Apothecary took an interest in finding artisans who source their craft locally, ethically, and sustainably.  Did you know that the crystal and gem industry is wrought with unethical work-trade?  More than 80% of the crystals and gems on the market today are harvested and sold from unregulated sources that are often paid rock bottom prices.  Read more here. 

We are proud to support local artisans like Crone & Hermit.  Read more about them below.

Who we are:

Crone and Hermit is a small business run by two van dwelling nomadic college students who are pursuing a degree in Ecology. Our business was established in 2017 when our rockhounding hobby inspired us to create unique, natural, raw, and ethically sourced goods.

The source of our materials:

All of the minerals used in the crafting of our jewelry were found and collected by us here in Washington State. The copper used is sourced from old telephone pole cables and discarded electrical wires found and processed by us. We take pride in the fact that our products are made in a 100% ethical and sustainable manner. 

The Geology:

Washington’s unique geology is responsible for the vast array of minerals that can be found within the State. The West Coast has a complex history of violent tectonic shifts in which the oceanic crust is forced beneath the North American continental crust through an ongoing process called subduction. Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, the dense oceanic floor has migrated beneath the continental crust, and with it, small islands and archipelagos have collided with the continent.

These collisions resulted in the continental plates to uplift as they met, forming the Cascade Mountain Range. Anything from quartz, jade, gold, garnet, uranium, and even the stunning but toxic mineral, cinnabar (HgS), can be found here within WA State. One of the main regions in which we find our minerals is known as the Snoqualmie batholith, which is a mineral rich zone located between Interstate 90 and State Highway 2 in the Cascade Mountains.

How crystals form:

A crystal is defined as a “solid material whose components, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly ordered structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. Many crystals are characterised by a geometric shape, consisting of flat surfaces with specific, characteristic orientations (Verboven, 2020).” Crystals form when specific atoms are located in close proximity to each other, and grow larger as more and more of the correct atoms are delivered to the area over time (generally via water or magma). Environmental conditions, such as pressure and temperature also play a critical role. 

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