Common name Comfrey

Latin name Symphytum officinale

Parts used Leaf

System affinities Comfrey is indicated for skin and external use.  It is also sympathetic to the skeletal, digestive, and repertory systems

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

Comfrey is moderately astringent and therefore energetically tightening.  It is generally indicated for the kapha dosha, prone to torpor.  Comfrey flower essence is indicated for dealing with emotional and psychological trauma.

Taste and quality

Comfrey is astringent and mildly bitter.

Indications Comfrey is used for minor skin inflammations, bruises, sprains, fractures, boils and injuries

History and lore Comfrey has been cultivated for its healing properties since 400BCE.

Habitat Comfrey Is a herbaceous perennial that grows in clusters about 12 inches high. The central stem can grow as high as 3ft tall. The bell-shaped flowers appear in clusters on this stem shortly before midsummer

Dosing and formulas

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