Common name Chlorella

Latin name Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Parts used Broken cell

System affinities

Chlorella is particularly indicated for the circulatory system.

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

Chlorella is energetically a drying, blood purifier. It is frequently indicated for the kapha dosha which has a tendency towards torpor.

Taste and quality

Chlorella is acrid.  


It is particularly indicated for removing toxins from the body.  It is useful in cases of anemia, meningitis, and diabetes.

History and lore

Individual Chlorella organisms are as tiny as 3 to 8 μm in size, and it was not until the microscope was invented after the 19th century that Chlorella was first discovered. It was discovered by the Dutch microbiologist, Dr. Beijerinck, in 1890.  During World War I, Chlorella was cultivated in large amounts in Germany to use as a protein source. 


Microalgae in the genus Chlorella (Trebouxiophyceae) are found in almost all geographic regions. The genus comprises species in freshwater lakes, soil, marine, brackish and terrestrial habitats, and some species are also symbionts of lichens, protozoa and invertebrates.

Dosing and formulas