Cayenne Pepper

Common name Cayenne Pepper

Latin name Capsicum annuum

Parts used Fruit

System affinities

Cayenne is sympathetic to the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems.

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

Cayenne is a heating stimulant.  It is particularly effective as an antiarthritic and analgesic.

Taste and quality

Cayenne is pungent.


Cayenne can be indicated for nasal congestion, fever, and strep throat.  It is also applicable to persons with arthritis or fibromyalgia.


History and lore

It was cultivated in Mexico 7,000 years ago and in Peru 4,000 years ago. Native Americans have used cayenne as a food and as a medicine for stomach aches, cramping pains, gas , and disorders of the circulatory system for 9,000 years.


Chiles originated in South America, where they have been under cultivation since prehistoric times. It is now grown largely in India, East Africa, Mexico and the United States, in fact most tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Dosing and formulas