Cat's Claw

Common name Cat’s Claw

Latin name Uncaria Tomentosa

Parts used Leaves, Root, Bark

System affinities

Cat’s claw is particularly sympathetic to the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

Cat’s claw is relaxing and sedating.  Its primary actions are as a diuretic and immunity booster. It is thus a quality anti inflammatory herb.  Cat's Claw Flower Essence aids in knowing when to let go and disengage from a situation or relationship.  It is particularly indicated for the pitta dosha who are prone to excess heat and tension.

Taste and quality

Cat’s Claw is particularly bitter.


Cat’s Claw is indicated for respiratory issues, particularly bronchitis, laryngitis, and asthma.  However it also has beneficial properties pertaining to heart health.  The blood cleansing properties help to relieve tension related to arthritis.  It is used to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  It is also beneficial for the digestive tract autoimmune diseases such as IBS, Chrons, and Gastritis.


History and lore

Cat’s claw has been used in central and South America for centuries, dating back to the Inca civilisation. It has been used as a contraceptive, against inflammation and viral infections.


Cat's claw is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, with its habitat being restricted primarily to the tropical areas of South and Central America.

Dosing and formulas