California Poppy

Common name California Poppy

Latin name Eschscholzia californica

Parts used Whole plant

System affinities

California poppy has an affinity for the nervous system, as it is often used for pain relief and anxiety-related conditions.

Energetics/characteristics/flower essence/dosha

The most notable actions of california poppy are as a nervine, sedative, analgesic, muscle relaxant, and antidepressant. Its energetics are cooling, so it is most recommended for the pitta constitution. 

Taste and quality

California poppy has a bitter taste.


California poppy is indicated for many types of pain, including dental and muscular pain. It is also a nervous system relaxant, which makes it useful for insomnia, anxiety, and some types of depression. 


History and lore

California poppy is native to California, where it has been used medicinally by Native Americans for centuries. When spanish settlers came, they called it “copa de oro”, or cup of gold, because of a legend that the california poppies put gold in the ground there. 


Although it is native to California, it will grow in other locations that are not very wet and get a lot of sun.

Dosing and formulas

We use california poppy in our Muscle Down blend for intense (especially musculoskeletal) pain as a painkiller and sedative. The dosage for this blend is 30 drops. It is best taken before going to bed, as it will make you drowsy.