Dr. Kristen Acesta received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and practices in the Wenatchee Valley at her clinic, Mission Health & Wellness (www.becomeyourmission.org) where she focuses on awareness, foundations of health, and understanding the multitude layers of chronic health concerns, both physical and emotional.   All of our products are medicinal grade and condition specific for this purpose.  In her spare time she spearheads Salt Creek Apothecary’s marketing, sales, and distribution, all the while mastering the art of speaking in the third person. 

“I’ve told this story too many times at this point, but the meeting of Keely and I was serendipitous.  She won my heart when she pulled out the detailed excel spreadsheet of her medicinal productions.  I needed that organization in my life.  I needed her wisdom, finesse, and meticulous attention to detail.  I’m just hoping, likewise, she needs my crazy, fiery, and sometimes elaborate sense of (business) adventure.” Kristen Acesta

Keely Murdoch holds her masters in biology and works her “day job” as a fishery scientist, but we prefer to call her our Botanical Chemist. Focusing on bioregional herbalism, Keely gained her inspiration from the plants that surround us everyday, in the mountains, along the rivers, and in her own garden where she spends her time. Ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, homegrown, or ethically wild-crafted in her hands.  She works methodically at producing every bit that Salt Creek offers in her utmost act of compassion.  She also is pretty badass and plays hockey on the side.

Our story is a mild fairytale.  Dr. Acesta wanted to bring local herbalism to the community by stepping further away from ‘pills for cures’ medicine, over consumption of supplements, unethical sourcing of herbs, along with inadequate use.  Herbalism being reduced to a symptom-cure relationship reaps the wisdom of Earth’s bounty into a bland, single constituent, compassionless, green medicine model.

Keely couldn’t agree more.  At the time of their meeting she was deepening her love of craft but not sure where to take it (or whether to stop).  She wanted a bigger influence to be able to share her herbal gifts, encouraging her community to breathe & live the medicine of the garden, lakes, and rivers around us.

The initial meeting was quick.  They formed a partnership thereafter and what was then called Celia’s Salt Creek Apothecary was rebranded as the Salt Creek Apothecary you know today.  This is their calling, to bring medicine to the people.