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Inspired by the seasonal botanical abundance of the Pacific Northwest, Salt Creek Apothecary is dedicated to producing small batch handcrafted herbal teas, extracts, tonics, infused honey, soap and other topical products.   Product availability changes seasonally.    


Botanical Abundance


Seasonal botanical goodness from local ingredients.

Ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, home-grown, or ethically wild-crafted by hand. Click here for more information on ingredient sourcing and sustainability. 

Each product is handcrafted in small batches.




Reserve yours now!

Salt Creek Apothecary offers Seasonal Wellness Kits.  Four times a year, in autumn, winter, spring, and summer you will receive a box with a variety of freshly made handcrafted seasonal herbals.  The autumn kits build and tone the immune system. The winter kits provides herbal extracts and elixirs for winter colds and flu, and to support and balance the heart chakra.  The spring share emphasizes the liver and detoxification, while the summer share provides cooling herbs when sun and heat become excessive.  Each bundle will include a variety of remedies to promote seasonal wellness.

A limited number of shares are made each season.  Pre-buy to reserve your share. 


We are the apothecary for Mission Health & Wellness, the naturopathic clinic of Dr. Kristen Acesta.  Our formulas are crafted from Kristen's experience as a physician and love of herbalism.  All of our products are medicinal grade and condition specific. 

Ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, homegrown, or ethically wild-crafted in the hands of Keely Murdoch.  Focusing on bioregional herbalism, Keely is a botanical medicine-maker and herbalist gaining her inspiration from the plants that surround us everyday, in the mountains, along the rivers, and in her own garden where she spends her time.

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