Peach Blossoms!

Peach Blossoms!  Delightfully pink; a beautiful sight this cool spring.  The family peach tree, selected by my son for his favorite fruit, is in full bloom.  

If you tried the peach leaf elixir last summer you already know how calming and cooling peach remedies can be.  Perfect for summer-time heat-induced stress and frustration.   Peach is also a wonderful remedy for nausea and safe for the whole family. 

One of the joys I get from making botanical remedies is discovering the many ways you can integrate plants in your life.  I thinned a few of the flowers today to make a peach blossom gycerite.  A lick of the spoon tells me its already delightful on the day it was made; sweet, syrupy, peachy and slightly dry and bitter.  I have only made a small amount for myself and perhaps to share with a friend but a peach blossom gycerite may make a showing in the apothecary next year.