Focusing on the Heart Chakra


February.  Truly mid-winter.  Half-way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  The hubbub of the holidays has become a memory but we still await the new-growth of spring.    The hope for better weather and snow melt can be a trying time, but the perfects time to focus on opening and strengthening the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra also called Anahata.   The heart chakra, as you would expect is the center of our emotional, spiritual, and physical heart. 

An open heart chakra is connected to:

  • our ability to love ourselves and others unconditionally
  • capacity for empathy
  • emotional openness
  • peacefulness

when your heart chakra is blocked or misaligned you might feel irritable, restless, impatient and lack empathy.  A blocked heart chakra can manifest physically as well resulting in insomnia, high blood pressure, and decreased immune function.  Sound familiar?  I certainly can relate to feelings of impatience, irritablity, and sometimes lack of empathy, particularly towards those closest to me.  

Blockages or misalignment of the heart chakra are ubiquitous in our modern society resulting from from suppressing or hiding feelings, not taking the time to care for yourself, grief, loss or imbalanced relationships.  Sometimes it is obvious your heart chakra needs help, like after a difficult breakup or loss.  Other times it is the buildup of daily neglect of your emotional heart (this is where most of us struggle) that leads to misalignment. 

This month I am focusing on my heart chakra with simple mindfulness.  Some easy rituals to open the flow of heart energy include:

  • Spending time outdoors. Take a hike, or simply sit and listen.
  • Forgive and let go.  Let the love sink in.
  • Take time each day to care for yourself with intent.  This could be yoga, meditation, or honoring your daily tea ritual.
  • Repeat daily affirmations of love and compatsion for yourself and others.
  • Support your heart chakra with herbs.  Two of my favorites are rose and hawthorn.

Rose is a powerful ally to help open, balance and heal the energy of our heart.  Rose is tonic and deeply nourishing to the heart.  Include rose in your daily rituals with thought and intention.

Keely M.